Gifts for Missionaries

Help Missionaries Share the Message of Hope

Help Missionaries Share the Message of Hope

National missionaries carry the hope of Jesus to those who have never heard His name. This is oftentimes done in the face of great opposition. The gifts below aid these missionaries in the courageous task of sharing the wonderful story of Christ. Choose one or more of the following items to help make an impact.


Winter Clothing
LCD Projector Kit

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Bicycles Move Missionaries

$110 each

With the help of a bicycle, traveling from village to village is no longer a difficult burden. Destinations that once required hours of walking are now just a short ride away. By donating toward bicycles, missionaries are able to tell more people about Christ than ever before.

Generators for Film Teams

$1,800 each

How do you show a movie about Jesus in a rural village that doesn't have electricity? You bring your own! In addition to powering film teams, generators are also a key part of Bible colleges, church conventions and pastors' meetings. Help share the Gospel by giving a missionary a generator this Christmas season.

Heavy Duty Vehicles

$17,000 each

Built extremely tough, these vehicles help missionaries reach thousands of remote villages. Five missionaries and all of their equipment easily fit inside. Donating toward a heavy duty vehicle allows missionaries to go further, faster. This video features a GFA Jeep in Nepal that traveled over 400,000 miles.

Lanterns Shed Light

$25 each

Electricity is a rare commodity in many South Asian villages. But a simple kerosene lantern will light up a small home. Missionaries use lanterns while traveling from village to village at night. Donate a lantern, and shed some light in a dark world.

LCD Projector Kit

$1,750 each

Man of Mercy, a South Asian film about the life of Jesus, is one of the most effective ways to share the Gospel with people in Asia. Millions have given their lives to Christ after watching this film. To share this amazing story, give a national missionary this digital LCD Projector Kit, which includes the film and all the equipment needed to show it.

Mobile P.A. System

$375 each

A Mobile Public Address System makes it much easier for a missionary to share with large crowds. These open-air meetings give many people an opportunity to learn about Christ. Equip missionaries with a Mobile PA System and they’ll be well on their way to reaching hundreds with a message of hope.


$1,200 each

A missionary and a motorcycle are a powerful combination. These bikes can maneuver in city traffic or navigate a rocky road with ease. Getting there fast is important when you have multiple unreached villages to visit. Donate toward a motorcycle and you're advancing the Good News on two wheels.

Winter Clothing Packets

$40 each

Trekking through snow-covered mountains to share Christ is a difficult task. This Christmas, equip missionaries for the cold. Winter Clothing Packets contain: a blanket, two pairs of socks, a sweater, a pair of trousers for men or a skirt and a shawl for women. This small gift will mean a lot to a brother or sister working in the frigid Himalayas.

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