Gifts for Missionaries

Help Missionaries Share the Message of Hope

Help Missionaries Share the Message of Hope

National missionaries carry the hope of Jesus to those who have never heard His name. This is oftentimes done in the face of great opposition. The gifts below aid these missionaries in the courageous task of sharing the wonderful story of Christ. Choose one or more of the following items to help make an impact.


Winter Clothing
LCD Projector Kit

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Want to reach more villages with the Good News? A bicycle will save a national missionary precious time so even more people will get to hear about Jesus.

“This year, I saw the opportunity to give bicycles. This is my way of giving to the Lord Jesus, as His birthday present, and making a difference in lives overseas.” —Debbie R., Zimmerman, MN


Generators for Film Teams


How do you show a movie if you’re in a village that doesn’t have electricity? You bring a generator! This important gift allows film teams to share the love of Jesus through a movie.

Heavy Duty Vehicles


A heavy-duty vehicle gets to remote, hard-to-reach villages quickly, while it would take a missionary on foot much longer. When the mobile team arrives in a village, they’ll join the local Gospel for Asia pastor. Throughout their time in the area, the team and the pastor will drive to each of the surrounding villages to tell them about Jesus’ love and show them a film on His life.

The vehicle also takes the heavy load of the equipment off the missionaries, who would otherwise be carrying it all themselves. Furthermore, the team of national missionaries and the vehicle give the pastor credibility, which encourages people to listen to his message. Through the gift of a heavy-duty vehicle, many people will find freedom in Christ.


Lanterns Shed Light


Lanterns are given to families in regions that have no electric power and to churches so believers can hold nighttime activities.

“With this lantern I will be able to study for longer time without putting much strain on my eyes.” —Miriam


LCD Projector Kit


An LCD projector kit enables a film team to show Man of Mercy, a South Asian film about the life of Jesus, to crowd after crowd of people in South Asia. Countless people have found freedom in Christ after watching this film. To offer more people the same opportunity, give an LCD projector kit.



A missionary and a motorcycle make a productive duo. When you’ve got many distant villages to reach, getting there quickly is crucial!

Winter Clothing Packets


A winter clothing packet will keep a national missionary protected from the cold so he or she can continue sharing God’s love even in the winter, or it will show Christ’s love in a very practical way to someone who needs to be warmly clothed.

Winter clothing packets often include:

  • • A blanket
  • • A jacket
  • • A sweater

Depending on the region, a packet may also include socks, gloves and other garments.


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