Bible college students do their practical ministry training in teams, like the one shown here.

A Gospel for Asia missionary and three students from a GFA Bible college were attacked by an angry mob of anti-Christian extremists in Karnataka, India, on July 31. After brutally beating the missionaries, the extremists took them to the police station, where they were subjected to more physical and mental torture throughout the night.

GFA missionary Yohan Samuel was leading the students, Raj Lohra, Nanji Bir and Shobha Joshi, during their field internship when the attack occurred. There were about 700 people in the mob, which attacked the missionaries and students at 9 p.m. The extremists who orchestrated the attack are said to have the active support of the local elected officials and political parties.

Yohan, Raj, Nanji and Shobha were charged with attempting to force people to convert to Christianity, and with “offending the sentiments of the people.” They are being held without bail.

The local media picked up on the story, and their reports were mostly sympathetic to the extremists. They also reported that the extremists have incited a large mob to plan a protest rally against the Christians today. The extremist groups also threatened to harm a team of GFA women missionaries working in an area a few miles away. The women were able to move to a safer place before the mob could find them.

A GFA leader is headed to the city where the men are being held and will attempt to bail them out of jail.

GFA mission leaders in Karnataka admit that the situation looks grim for these brothers in Christ. They ask for prayer that the Lord will do a miracle and save them from any more harassment. They also ask for prayer that the missionaries and students will find help and support from local authorities and that the situation will not escalate.

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