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The Plight of Women in Asia

Maliha walks down the dirt paths in her village. Her face is veiled—not to shield her weathered skin from the scorching sun or to keep the dust from getting in her eyes. She wears the veil because where she comes from, being a woman is not much more than being a slave.

Saranya lost her innocence at the calloused hands of a ruthless man. He left without a word after getting his fill of pleasure, leaving her broken. She didn't ask for this life. Her family needed to pay off a debt, so they sold her. She is only 11 years old.

Tamarai stretches out her cupped hand, hoping at least one person will fill it with a few coins. When her husband died, she had no choice but to become a beggar. Society blamed her for his death, although it was all the alcohol he consumed that ate away at his body. Her children disowned her. She has to fend for herself. With every person that passes her empty hand, hope slowly slips away.

Balamani stares at the open book before her. The precise letterings look like a jumbled mess rather than the third-grade words they represent. Her parents pulled her out of school when she was old enough to take on household duties. They saw no need for a girl to have an education.

Millions of Women in South Asia

Millions of women in South Asia live out these miserable lives on a day-to-day basis. It may seem like a harsh reality, but it's just that: reality. These are their lives, and they believe there is no hope for something better ... but there is.

Reaching out to Asia's most unreached group - women.

Women Missionaries - going where men can't go in Asia.

About Sewing Hope for Asia: Madelyn's Biography

Madelyn's heart swelled at the idea of using her God-given ability as a seamstress to give women like Maliha, Saranya, Tamarai and Balamani the chance at new life.

You Can Sew Hope

If God has gifted you with the ability to sew, embroider, knit, quilt or otherwise create items that you would like to donate to help provide sewing machines for women in Asia, send a picture and description of the handmade items you wish to donate to

Madelyn's Doll Clothes

Visit Sewing Hope for Asia at to see Madelyn's doll clothes.

You Can Help

Find out about ways you can help Women's Ministry through Women's Literacy and Women Missionaries.

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