Vacation Bible School

Pastors and teachers from a GFA church have been praying about this moment for months! The day finally came—Vacation Bible School! A week full of fun and games, these children had a great time. What they didn't expect, though, was the love they received from these pastors and teachers. Through VBS, these children began to realize who loved them even more—Jesus.

Every summer, thousands children attend GFA Vacation Bible Schools.

The little ones enjoy the fun games, exciting Bible stories and lively songs. But most importantly, they're learning about the God who loves them. By the end of the program, they have a Bible in their hands that they can take home to share with their families and continue to grow in the Lord.

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Everyone loves a good story—especially one that's true and life-changing. Millions of children would love to hear the story of Jesus even once. Vacation Bible Schools are just one way we minister to these precious children. VBS makes it possible that he or she will hear about Jesus' love again and again through skits, Bible songs and teaching and will have colorful Gospel literature to take home.

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You might have fond childhood memories of learning about God and His Word through Sunday school. Perhaps you sent your kids to Vacation Bible School this past summer. You may not know that Sunday school and VBS programs have proven to be powerful ministries in regions like Asia, too. Through these Christian education programs, GFA workers provide a fun environment for children to learn spiritual lessons. And reaching out to children often opens doors for adults to hear about the love of Jesus, too.

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In a small Asian border town, a team of staff and students from a local Bible college conducted a Vacation Bible School in a local believer’s home. The children were so happy that team brought VBS to them. The VBS kicked off with prayer and singing. Students who already attended Sunday School were singing along as they learned actions to go with the music.

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