Densely populated slums are marked by poverty, filth and social tension

Tens of millions of people in Asia live in slums.

Many of them live in one-room shanties. They work long hours for insufficient wages. If there is no work available, some resort to begging, scavenging or prostitution to be able to earn enough to eat. Toilets are scarce, so the stench of human waste pollutes the air. Garbage is strewn across the alleyways. Everyone is vulnerable to disease.

For those living in slums, there is little hope of improving their lives, and some look to suicide as an escape.

Jesus Offers Them Hope

Gospel for Asia began supporting ministry in the slums in 1999. Through this work, the Lord is giving people who live in slums the chance for a better life.

GFA-supported pastors and Sisters of Compassion who serve in slums:

  • Pray for the sick.
  • Minister to the hurting.
  • Disseminate information about health and hygiene.
  • Provide tutoring classes for children.
  • Give winter clothing to help keep recipients, who live in shanties that lack insulation, warm throughout the winter.

Vocational Training

Teach adult literacy classes and sewing classes.

Clean Water

Distribute water filters so recipients can drink clean water and avoid illnesses.


Provide toilets so people can have a clean and dignified way of relieving themselves, safe from assault.

Income-producing Gifts

Distribute income-generating gifts that will help the recipients provide for their families.

Video Highlight: Real-life Hero

Watch the true story of a man who dreamed about a shack by the sewer, then moved into one. He says, “I want to work here… because no one else cares.”

The pastors and Sisters of Compassion also share with the slum dwellers the greatest hope any person could gain: the hope that they can receive the mercy of God, and that Jesus will come back to bring His people Home.

You Have the Opportunity to Help People in Slums

You can give physical help and news of the mercy of God to people living in slums by donating toward Gospel for Asia-supported slum ministry.

The Lord will use you to make a difference in their lives for eternity!