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Eighty percent of the diseases in Asia are curable—even preventable. But because of lack of access to medications, health care and training in basic hygiene, many are suffering and dying from these treatable ailments. Gospel for Asia's Medical Ministry is serving to meet the needs of thousands who are in need of medical attention, all while sharing the love of Christ.

Watch this video to better understand how GFA is meeting the needs of many who are suffering in South Asia.

If you are sick in Asia, you often suffer in silence. You are too poor to buy any medicine or even visit a doctor for help. Even if you had the ability to pay, it would be of no use because the nearest medical facility would require you to walk a whole day just to get there.

This is the dilemma many South Asians find themselves in every time they become ill. That's why Gospel for Asia's Medical Ministry is so vital. These teams of trained nurses and doctors visit dozens of villages and Bridge of Hope centers, ministering to thousands of people each year, all in the name of the Great Physician—Jesus Christ. The treatment is free to the recipients, but the eternal difference it makes in their lives cannot be measured monetarily.

Medical Ministry

Read this story to see how God is using medical ministry:

The Unknown 'Cure'

first published: June 29, 2008 – Gospel for Asia

The nurses were grateful to Dr. Johnson for his seminar.

Four Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries went to a government hospital in Kerala, India, early this year. But they didn’t go to receive medical attention. In fact, they went to teach the nurses about a ‘cure’ most of the doctors didn’t even know about: the cure for eternal death.

Dr. Daniel Johnson, a GFA field staff member, led a seminar called “Nine Ways to Become the Best Nurse.” In all, 118 men and women nurses came to his sessions, which began with a Christian song and a testimony. Dr. Johnson spoke using medical language that they easily understood.

He spoke on each topic:

– Cheerful Face – Be Polite – Be Humble
– Peaceful Heart – Show Courtesy – Have Self-control
– Patient Attitude – Be Loyal – Agape Love
The team of students shared the Gospel with 1,000 people at the hospital.

“The Lord ministered to the hearts of those nurses through this seminar,” GFA’s correspondent wrote. “They even requested that our team organize prayer groups to help them grow spiritually.”

The next day, Dr. Johnson and a team of 14 Bible college students visited a private hospital in the area, then returned to teach at the government hospital. This time, they focused on the patients and their families. They shared the Gospel with 1,000 people through talking one-on-one and distributing tracts. At the end of the day, the team gathered for prayer to lift up their outreach endeavors to the Lord, asking Him for much fruit.

This team asks for prayer that many who heard the Gospel will choose to follow Jesus.

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To the mother who cradles a sick infant in her arms, to the father who suffered broken bones in a natural disaster, to the elderly person who needs blood pressure medication, and to the outcast leprosy patient, the care they receive is invaluable. All receive necessary medical treatment and also hear that Jesus loves them.

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