Altering Their Income

It had been Romila’s hope to help her husband. She had great expectation of increasing their daily income, thinking she had found the tool to lift them out of poverty. She wrestled with her very meager education, which prohibited her from finding good work, and now Romila had a chance do something.

She started tailoring class, but once Romila graduated, her plans appeared to be merely an intangible dream. The six months of tailoring classes now looked like hours spent in vain. For all her effort, she and her hard-working husband couldn’t afford a sewing machine.

Romila (pictured) had spent six months learning how to sew clothes. But she faced a huge obstacle after her training: Her husband couldn’t afford to buy her a sewing machine.

A Downward Spiral

A plumber by trade, Romila’s husband, Taraswin, worked faithfully to provide for his wife and little baby girl. However, no matter how hard he tried, he struggled to find work. Day by day they were sinking financially. A friend directed Taraswin to a job opportunity in another village. Believing this would help change things, they moved to start afresh.

But work was inconsistent, and this new job soon proved to be of no help to their financial state. They prayed earnestly to their traditional gods and goddesses and faithfully practiced rituals, but their situation only worsened.

As monthly rent drained their income, things did not look bright. However, unknown to Romila and Taraswin, God saw their struggles.

A Need Not Unseen

One day, they were chatting with their neighbor, and he introduced Taraswin and Romila to his friend, a GFA-supported pastor named Rochan. As Pastor Rochan struck up a conversation with the couple, they began to open up.

“After coming to this place, I am not getting any proper work, and I am struggling to take care of my wife and child,” Taraswin explained.

Pastor Rochan encouraged Taraswin and Romila in the Lord. He prayed and asked God to open doors for them to have a better income. As Pastor Rochan walked away, he felt compelled to do everything he could to help this family.

Three weeks later, he invited Taraswin and Romila to the church’s Christmas gift distribution program. Romila could hardly believe her eyes when she received her sewing machine.

"I was really longing for a machine," Romila recalls. "I have no words to express my feelings and thanks to the church."

Romila, Taraswin and their little daughter (pictured) now have true hope and joy. They are no longer struggling to get by, day by day.

A Dream Fulfilled

Now Romila can help provide for her family by sewing clothes from her home. The hopelessness which hung over Romila and Taraswin lifted, as they now can easily pay for their rent with plenty left over for additional expenses. Through this timely help, Romila and Taraswin saw the love of Jesus in their lives.

“This gift not only helps me to earn a daily income, but also it brought us close to the Living God,” says Romila.

Now Romila’s dream is being fulfilled, and her family is being lifted out of poverty. God hand-tailored every detail of their lives and wove a beautiful blessing of a sewing machine and the lasting knowledge of His undeniable love into Romila’s and Taraswin lives.

Give a Sewing Machine

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