When God Gave Her
a Goat

Shreya toiled as the sole breadwinner for her family, even though she was beginning to suffer from various ailments in her middle age. Because her husband was too ill to work, Shreya labored as a domestic worker to pay for their mounting medical expenses.

A few years ago, Shreya met GFA-supported pastor Sachitan, who prayed for them and invited them to his church. Shreya started visiting his church, and her husband soon joined her. Before long, Shreya and her husband, along with their adult son and his family, all found new life and eternal hope in Christ.

Excited to be part of the Body of Christ, Shreya served the Lord by faithfully helping to clean and set up the room where the congregation met for worship services.

While seeing Shreya’s helpfulness and devotion, Pastor Sachitan knew her family still struggled under the weight of poverty. He wanted to help. When he learned a Christmas gift distribution was being planned for the region, he immediately requested for Shreya to receive a gift. Shreya’s heart brimmed with gratitude as she brought home a goat in February 2017.

A Multiplied Blessing

As she and her husband looked at the healthy goat—a gift they never could have bought themselves, they thanked God. Shreya tenderly cared for the goat, gathering food for it, taking it to a meadow in the evenings, and covering it with a blanket during winter. A few months after they brought it home, Shreya had even more goats to take care of—her goat gave birth to two kids. The mother goat’s milk provided nutrition for Shreya’s husband and grandchildren, and Shreya soon got to share the blessing with even more people: When a neighbor’s child became sick and a doctor suggested he drink goat’s milk, Shreya gladly brought him a glass of milk daily, and the child’s family paid her some money.

Shreya and her husband received a gift they never could have purchased, and they remain grateful. Hundreds of thousands more families in Asia have similar stories of God’s provision through gifts like those in this catalog. You can be part of blessing even more families with gifts that help them overcome poverty and show their communities the grace and compassion of Christ.

Shreya (pictured) received a goat, which changed the financial situation of her family.

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