The Need for Bicycles

A bicycle can change everything. For missionaries, a bicycle is a tool that dramatically increases their productivity and consistency in ministry. For poor families, bicycles give breadwinners new job opportunities. For children, a bicycle can help them go to school.

For just $110, a sturdy, Asian-made bicycle keeps its owner from spending hours walking to and from church activities, school, jobs or people needing prayer.

2018 Report: 5,016 Bicycles given to people in need across Asia

Kevin, a behind-the-scenes missionary with GFA, shares a story about nine men on three bicycles who were able to share God's love to surrounding villages that they were unable to travel to on foot. Because of their efforts, we're seeing new fellowships being established!

Bicycles Help Missionaries

With a bicycle, missionaries can minister to people in more distant villages; pastors can visit more believers during the week and disciple them individually; and energy and time can be spent ministering instead of walking!

Bicycles Help School Children

Bicycles enable students in remote areas to arrive at school on time and still have energy for studying in evenings. Girls are also less vulnerable to attack when traveling to school on a bike.

Bicycles Help Farmers and Daily Laborers

Using a bicycle, parents can find employment in neighboring areas when local jobs are scarce. Farmers and venders can easily bring their wares to market instead of hauling items on their backs for miles.

How Bicycles Are Helping

Demonstrate God's love by meeting people's physical needs of transportation—give them a game changer! Bicycles are given to Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries. Bicycles are also given through gift distribution programs to help the poor earn a better living or get to school from far distances. Through these gifts, people experience Christ’s love.

*One bicycle costs just $110.

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