Bicycles enable missionaries to minister to more people!

Walking from place to place, missionaries lose countless hours in travel that could be spent bringing Christ’s love to people who haven't yet heard about the Lord.

More Time for Ministry

Give missionaries more time to minister to people.

More Energy

Save missionaries’ energy for actual ministry.

Faster Travel

Enable missionaries to reach more villages.

You'll help people hear about the Savior before it’s too late.

Bicycles are given to Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries. Bicycles are also given through gift distribution programs to help the poor earn a better living or get to school from far distances. Through these gifts, people experience Christ’s love.

*One bicycle costs just $110.

Video Highlight: Ministry on Two Wheels

Many GFA-supported missionaries spend many arduous hours walking from one village to another. With a bicycle a national missionary can visit three to four times as many villages in a day. A heavy-duty Asian-made bicycle can be a wonderful blessing.

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Through the myGFA fundraising tool, you can answer Jesus' call to share His love while inspiring the same desire in the hearts of others around you. These campaigns are to created to help the poor and equip missionaries in some of the most difficult areas of Asia—where millions have yet to experience His love.

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