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Three Bicycles, Nine Missionaries

Raj is not alone in his efforts as he labours daily to serve people in a remote part of Asia where public transportation is limited.

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Encouragement on a Bicycle

GFA-supported missionary Sandeep Kishan; his wife, Amiya; and baby daughter, Leela, serve the Lord in Asia. The Lord has called them...

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Ministry on Two Wheels

God is working through Sandeep Kishan, a GFA-supported missionary, to bring hope to many people in Asia.

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Bicycles enable missionaries to minister to more people!

  • Bicycles offer reliable transportation at little cost. You can donate a bicycle for just $110.
  • Missionaries won’t have to waste precious time walking from village to village. By riding a bike, they can minister to more people.
  • Bicycles are easy to repair and make travel consistent and reliable. Parts are readily available, and the cost of maintenance is low.

*One bicycle costs just $110.

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