Film Ministry in Asia

Films on the life of Jesus have proven to be one of the best ways to let people in Asia know about the sacrificial love of God.

Countless people have been touched by the love of Christ as a result of watching films about Jesus.

2019 Report: 300* Film Teams Served Communities in Asia

A desperate father found hope for his son’s mysterious illness after watching a film about Jesus. He saw Jesus performing many miracles and he believed He would do it for his family as well. Bruce at GFA shares a report on film teams.

“We, as a family, really want to thank God for His grace upon us, and we believe Jesus Christ is really the true God. We personally want to worship Him,” Harik said.

*This number represents the Lord’s work in 2019 through GFA and our partnerships worldwide as we follow Him in His work in 16 Asian nations, including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.


In remote Asian villages, watching a movie might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And for many who have seen a film on the life of Jesus, it is an experience that changes their lives for all eternity.

Villagers flock to see why a team of missionaries has come to visit them and what message they have brought. It’s not uncommon for tears to stream down some of their faces as they learn, some for the first time, the story of Jesus' love and sacrifice.

Each year, many more people are touched by the love of Christ after viewing the film. Your gift today will help show the love of God to people in remote communities through film.

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