Income-Generating Animals

Income-Generating Animals Rescue Families from Poverty

The simple gift of an income-generating animal can be the turning point for an impoverished family—one their family has likely been desiring for generations. With the additional income their animal provides, families can afford education, nourishing food, health care and a host of other essentials that will help them escape poverty and flourish. Additionally, each gift serves as a reminder of God’s unending love for the recipient.

Animals help produce income for a family. Smaller animal’s offspring can be sold and larger animals can be used to plow a field or pull a cart.

What are income-generating animals?


Cows produce calves, which can be sold for a good price, and nutrient-rich milk, which can also be sold or kept to feed the family. They can also use their cows to help cultivate and fertilize their fields.


Goats provide milk to sell or drink. One goat typically produces several goat kids each year, which can expand a family’s herd or be sold to provide essential things for the household.


These portly critters bring powerful financial breakthroughs to needy families. Piglets fetch a good price in market, which enables families to purchase essentials. Adult pigs provide ample meat for selling or eating.


These simple birds make a big difference to families that are living hand-to-mouth. Chickens and eggs give a destitute family an additional income and provide essential nutrients for malnourished children.

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