What Are Mobile Teams?

Mobile teams are groups of around three to five national missionaries that travel in a heavy-duty, all-terrain vehicle. After receiving a village leader's permission to minister, they'll go to that community.

They Show the Jesus Film

God touches hearts through these films. Many weep during scenes of Jesus' death, and some have even tried to stop the Romans from crucifying Jesus.

They Sing Songs and Perform Skits

Because songs and skits are engaging and effective forms of communication in many Asian cultures, mobile teams sing and act out stories of God's love for villagers who gather to watch.

They Pray with Individuals

Once a team arrives in a village, team members will talk with villagers and invite them to watch the movie. When the movie ends, the team will spend a lot of time praying for people.

Video Highlight: Mobile Teams

Bouncing along dusty Asian roads, Gospel for Asia's mobile teams are on a calculated mission. They know there are villages where people have never heard the name of Jesus, and their hearts yearn to reach as many as they can.

Connecting People with a Pastor

Gospel for Asia-supported pastors serve not only their own communities but also the surrounding communities. However, they can only minister in so many villages each week, which means there are many people whom the pastor hasn't met. Mobile team ministry gives the pastor and the team the opportunity to serve those people.

Mobile teams will travel to a church, and they will stay there for around a month. Almost every day, they will travel to one, two or even three of the communities in the area. The pastor often goes with them, and sometimes believers from the church join them too.

Even after the mobile team leaves the area, those who have been ministered to will know who and where to go to if they want prayer or want to learn more. And whenever the pastor visits those villages, he will be able to minister to those same people.

A Heavy-Duty Vehicle

The vehicle carries the film equipment (a DVD player, a projector and screen, loudspeakers and a generator), musical instruments, literature, the mobile team, the pastor, and any believers who want to join them that day. It spares the team from many of the dangers of traveling on foot, especially at night and in hostile situations. They're able to travel much more quickly, so more people will get to hear about Jesus' love for them while they're still alive and still have the opportunity to receive God's mercy.

The Lord has entrusted a huge amount of work to our brothers and sisters serving Him in Asia. Mobile team missionaries, as they travel far and wide, not only minister themselves, but they also strengthen the ministry of local pastors, so that we, as the Church together, can actually do what the Lord asked us to do.

And mobile teams couldn't realistically do what they're doing without their vehicle.

It was our desire to [serve] these villages, but constantly we faced the transportation problem... We knew that if we want to [share with] these people, only [a mobile team] can do this. —A GFA-supported pastor

An Opportunity to Love the People Jesus Died For

Countless people have come to know the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ through films, but many more still wait to hear about the ransom that was paid.

Most of us will never have the opportunity to go and minister to them ourselves, but through mobile team ministry, we have a chance to serve them.

Would you like to join mobile team workers in showing the people of their own culture the sacrifice Christ made for the world, before the last trumpet sounds?

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Another way to give is through a MyGFA campaign. This is a great way that you can raise funds for mobile teams! It gives you an opportunity to tell your friends and family about how the Good News is being shared.

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Pray for Mobile Teams

Pray for:

  • Strength for mobile team members as they keep a strenous schedule
  • Spiritual filling as they minister to people in need
  • Revelation from the Lord for people who watch the file
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