first published: November 22, 2016 – Gospel for Asia

Pradeep was living a sinful life, trapped in sinful habits, and he wanted out.

A pastor had been sharing about God's love for him, and he was beginning to see hope. Then, a mobile team came with the pastor to his village, and their movie showed him the escape from sin he was looking for.

"When I saw . . . the blood Christ was shedding on the cross," he says, "that made me to realize that this blood was shed for me. This holy blood only can change my life." —Pradeep

He, along with three others in his village, publically put their faith in Christ. Praise the Lord.

"What I strongly believe is there are people who are really seeking for the real God. They are desperate, and they are filled with a lot of problems. … When you put [on] a Jesus movie, no doubt about it, surely people will come and see. I strongly believe this will really touch their heart as it touched me." —Pradeep

God has used the film to bring freedom to countless people in Asia, and because mobile teams work in tandem with pastors, many of these people are being nourished in God's Word in the nearest fellowship.

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