Vacation Bible School

For months, pastors and teachers have been praying and preparing for thousands of children to attend Vacation Bible School: a week filled with Bible stories, puppet shows, action songs, games and nutritious food.

The prayers of the pastors and teachers are for parents and children to encounter the tremendous love Jesus has for them during this action-filled week.

Each day the children go home filled with a joy that wasn’t there before as they put their trust in Jesus.

Through VBS, you will impact the life of a child, who will go home and share with his or her family what he or she learned. Then the family will share with its community about Jesus’ love for them, and eventually, the whole village can be blessed!

247,000 Children Went to VBS in Asia in 2019

“For kids in Asia, VBS may be their first time hearing about the love of Christ. And that really brings joy to my heart.” —Jared, behind-the-scenes missionary at GFA

Did you know?

40% of India's 1 billion people are under 18 years old? In Bhutan it's 49%; Nepal, 47%; Bangladesh, 45%; Myanmar, 39%; and in Sri Lanka, 33%.

These statistics clearly tell us that we must make children's ministry a top priority if we are to reach these nations for Jesus. And that's exactly what our pastors and teachers are doing through our annual VBS programs.

Read the following story to learn the incredible impact they're making:

Story: Encountering the Love of Christ

Prem came from a little village in Nepal and was one of thousands of children who attended one of our VBS programs last summer.

On the first day, Prem and his older sister arrived at the church after walking for hours. The pastor and VBS team enthusiastically welcomed them and 100 other children.

Initially, Prem was very shy, quietly observing everything. Coming from a non-Christian background, the 8-year-old had never heard Bible stories, seen a puppet show or joined in action songs before. But before the day was over, Prem had become the most excited participant of all.

That evening, Prem and the other children enjoyed a nice dinner prepared by the students of the nearby Gospel for Asia Bible college. Afterward they happily went to sleep on mats spread out in the sanctuary. You see, VBS in Nepal often involves meals and "sleepovers," because travel is difficult and most children live too far away to return home at night.

During the next few days, Prem and the other children had such fun learning about the Lord Jesus Christ and His love for them. You should have seen their enthusiasm while playing games, coloring pictures, singing songs and memorizing Bible verses!

Though most of these children grew up in non-Christian families, their hearts were sensitive and responsive to their Creator. And before the VBS was over, Prem, along with 30 others, decided to follow Christ. It is amazing how easily children can discern the truth of the Gospel while adults struggle so hard to find it!

For little Prem and all the other children, VBS is just the beginning of their encounter with the love of Christ. Our pastors and teachers follow up with each child, doing their best to connect them with an existing Sunday school—or start one if needed. In addition, they make every effort to share the Gospel with the children's families.

Little children like Prem are so dear to the heart of God. And He desires that they be just as dear to ours as well.

Vacation Bible School is just one of the many ways we minister to these precious children.

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