Widows: A Desperate Struggle for Survival

For over 40 million widows in South Asia, life is a desperate struggle for survival. Blamed for their husbands' deaths, they're forsaken by their families, shunned by their friends and despised by their communities.

  • One in four homes in India is home to a widow.
  • 92 percent of India's women age 70 and older are widows.
  • Street begging or prostitution often becomes a way of life.
  • Many are left caring for their children with little help from relatives.

In order to provide for themselves and their children, many resort to gathering food from the trash. Some gain income only from selling their bodies on the streets. For those who cannot bear the shame, suicide is their only escape.

You Can Deliver Hope

As tragic as their current existence is, the greater tragedy is they have nothing to look forward to in eternity, for they've never heard of Christ's love.

With your help that can change. By making a donation, local pastors on the field will help widows in need and buy them income-producing necessities like sewing machines and farm animals, or much-needed supplies like winter blankets, water filters, and other essentials.

With these gifts, many times comes the opportunity to learn of Jesus Christ. He promises to bring them dignity, peace and eternal life. Deliver hope to some of the most broken women in Asia.

Learn to do good. Seek justice.

Defend the cause of the orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.
Isaiah 1:17

Help a Widow in Asia

Your gift will provide her with the essentials of life, a way to earn a living and share with her Christ's love.
100 percent

One hundred percent of what you give toward the field goes to the field.

Share with your friends about the plight of Widows, in this way you become an advocate for those without a voice.

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