The Bible college students and staff distributed approximately 10,000 Gospel tracts at the busy trade fair.

This student had the opportunity to give a Gospel tract to these shopkeepers.

The students and staff were grateful for the opportunity to take prayer requests from some of the vendors, like this man.

As people from several countries flocked to an international trade fair, Gospel for Asia-supported workers took the opportunity to share the Good News with them.

On October 2, seven GFA-supported Bible college students and three staff members went to the trade fair, carrying thousands of Gospel tracts. They handed these tracts to nearly every shopkeeper. Altogether, they distributed approximately 10,000 Gospel tracts!

Merchants from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand and several states of India took part in the trade fair. Many people from Thailand responded positively when the students and staff shared about Jesus. Although some people from other countries harbored suspicion toward the missionaries at first, they opened up as the students shared the Good News, and they even asked them to pray for their businesses.

The missionaries involved in the event request prayer that the people who heard the Gospel message—especially the shopkeepers who asked for prayer—will choose to follow Jesus.