As missionaries are faithful to get on their knees before the Lord in prayer, they are equipped to share Christ’s love on challenging mission fields

The prayers of Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Zaw Chan are turning out to be the healing balm so desperately needed in Myanmar (Burma). Zaw has seen 52 people healed through prayer during an 11-month period. Zaw’s prayers are one of the only sources of hope in this area of Myanmar, which was devastated by Cyclone Nargis in May 2008.

He has also been reaching out with the love of Jesus and physical provisions to these people who have suffered so much. Traditionally, the people of this area follow a variety of religions, but a small percentage are Christian. Most are poor and live simple lives, gardening or fishing for their livelihood.

Even before the cyclone hit last May, many of them suffered from ailments such as jaundice, tumors, paralysis and cancer. When Zaw and other Christian workers began to minister to this village in Jesus’ name with items they needed for survival, people asked for prayer, too. And through prayer, the Lord worked: Fifty-two people ranging from age 13 to 76 found healing.

They are now very interested in Christianity, but are afraid to embrace it since there are only a few believers, and they live under the watchful eyes of the military regime. But by God’s grace, about 15 families are brave enough to worship the Lord. Many others have shown an interest in coming, but they are still fearful.

Zaw asks for prayer that the Lord will continue to work and that He will give people the courage to choose Christ. They also request prayer for the Lord’s provision for these people.