A simple tract, like this one, is an effective way to introduce Christ.

The witch doctor’s words rolled around and around in Tarachan’s head. He could not forget them, no matter how hard he tried. The witch doctor’s pronouncement that Tarachan would fail in his venture as a shopkeeper became a self-fulfilling prophecy when Tarachan grew frightened and closed his shop.

He went back to work with the witch doctor, and they practiced together for eight years. In some ways, Tarachan probably felt like he owed a debt to this witch doctor in Himachal Pradesh, India. Earlier, the witch doctor had taken him on as an apprentice when Tarachan’s life seemed out of control. Even with all his power, the witch doctor was not the answer, but it took Tarachan years to find the real solution to his turmoil.

The witch doctor had taken him on as an apprentice when Tarachan’s life seemed out of control.

Tarachan was born in Delhi into a family that was deeply involved in the worship of multiple gods and goddesses. His parents divorced during his childhood, then he lived with his father and sister. The family experienced a lot of problems in Delhi, so they moved to Himachal Pradesh, seeking peace in their lives.

Everything seemed to be fine at first. Tarachan’s father worked as a cook in a tourist hotel. His sister even got married. But her husband turned out to be an abusive alcoholic, so Tarachan’s father left his job and went to live with his daughter’s family.

At about this same time, Tarachan was forced to drop out of school. Lacking direction in his life, he decided to turn back to his family’s traditional religion. He devoted himself to the gods and goddesses, practiced meditation and learned to recite mantras. He was guided on this journey by a local witch doctor. As the days passed, Tarachan became his diehard disciple. Tarachan became very powerful, but he had no peace in his life.

That’s when he ventured out and opened the small shop. But the witch doctor’s oracles and predictions caused him to rethink his plan. When he returned to the service of the witch doctor, life seemed to get better for a while. He got married and was blessed with a baby. But, eventually, he again decided to leave the witch doctor.

He decided to open another small shop in the city. The shop’s opening coincided with the celebration of a famous festival in that city. His little store was very crowded as a result of the festival, so he didn’t really take a second glance at the little booklet someone handed him that day. It was a tract produced by Gospel for Asia.

He didn’t give the tract another thought until a few nights later, when a horrible nightmare jolted him out of his sleep.

Is there any god who can deliver me from the attack of these evil spirits?” Tarachan cried out.

He was shocked to hear a strange voice saying, “Here I am.”

Not knowing where the voice came from, he looked around and instead of seeing a person, he saw a screen on which the cover of the Gospel tract was displayed. He got up from his bed and began to search for the tract. When he found it, he immediately sat down to read it. As Tarachan read, he came to realize that the little pamphlet was about Jesus, whom he had previously hated.

Someone gave Tarachan a Gospel tract and now he has a brand-new life.

The next day, he went to a church near his home. The workers there told him more about Jesus. As a result, he chose to receive Jesus as his personal Savior and began to attend worship services at the church.

He wrote a letter to the address on the back of the tract, outlining how his life was transformed. The GFA staffers rejoiced when they read the story of how a simple Gospel tract changed Tarachan’s life, and his eternity. Later, they followed up with a phone call to Tarachan and celebrated his new life and prayed with him.

Tarachan has since moved to a different part of Himachal Pradesh where he is having difficulty finding a church. He asks for prayer that he will be able to find a group of believers for worship and fellowship, and that he would continue to grow in the Lord.

With less than a penny you can help share about Jesus through a Gospel tract.