A t only seven years old, Hemendra was abducted by an elderly sorcerer and taken to the jungle for days without any contact with his family or village. Hemendra's parents searched for him without success. After only being given worms to eat and learning the mantras and tricks of sorcery for a week, Hemendra was allowed to return to his parents.

September 2013

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Boy Grows Up, Becomes Famous Sorcerer

When Hemendra went home, he had abilities he had never experienced before. His mantras were powerful, releasing people from sickness and bondage to evil spirits, although it was evil spirits that had given him his newfound skills.

As Hemendra got older and grew in his ability to heal and perform magic, his fame as a sorcerer spread across neighboring villages. Sick men and women traveled to him, trusting him to heal them of their minor ailments and severe illnesses. As an adult, Hemendra earned enough money from practicing sorcery to fully support himself and his wife Rani.

Magic Will not Heal Sorcerer's Wife

For many years, Hemendra and Rani lived a life of ease with their four children. But as the couple aged, Rani's health started to deteriorate. She suffered severe stomach pains and headaches. She did not want to eat anything. Hemendra tried everything he knew to heal her but was not able to. Other sorcerers attempted their magic on her without seeing results afterward. Hemendra took Rani to the hospital time and time again. Nothing was relieving her from her suffering. For a man who had always been so powerful, Hemendra was not able to do anything for his wife. For the first time since he had started practicing sorcery as a child, Hemendra was completely powerless.

A Life Dedicated to Sorcery

Prayer is Last Resort

Seeing his wife in her helpless state destroyed any sense of peace Hemendra had ever experienced in his heart. He thought of his neighbors who seemed to live a peaceful life. He had seen their pastor pray for their sick family members several times and then watched them get better. As a desperate final attempt to have his wife healed, Hemendra asked his neighbors to pray for her.

Hemendra's neighbors gladly prayed for Rani to be healed. They asked their friends at church and their pastor, Madesh, to be lifting Rani up to the Lord as well. Pastor Madesh prayed continually for Rani. Finally, God started to restore her body. Rani's health improved a little at a time.

A Life Dedicated to Sorcery

Pastor Continues to Pray and Share from God's Word

Hemendra could not deny Jesus' power over his wife's body. He and his grown children understood Rani's desire to follow Christ after being healed, but none of them joined her in that decision. Even after Rani was healthy, Pastor Madesh continued to regularly visit her and Hemendra. Every time he came, Pastor Madesh prayed and shared more of the Bible with them.

Although he would sometimes join his wife in their home for prayer meetings with the pastor and believers if he did not have work to do, Hemendra's heart resisted the words and prayers of Pastor Madesh.

A Life Dedicated to Sorcery

Sorcerer Finds Freedom in the Power of God

After two years of constantly hearing truth from the Bible and seeing how Pastor Madesh and the church members live out the things they believed by truly loving one another, Hemendra began to soften to the Good News of Jesus.

Finally the love of God and the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross made sense to Hemendra. The Lord's kindness brought him to repentance, and he no longer had any desire to worship evil spirits or call on them for help. Pastor Madesh and Hemendra's new family of believers helped him empty his home of anything that had to do with sorcery.

Hemendra no longer needs the power of magic—he and Rani have been transformed by the power of the living God.

A Life Dedicated to Sorcery

Because of the faithful prayers of Pastor Madesh, a Gospel for Asia-supported national missionary, Hemendra and his family are growing in the Lord. You can make a difference in a family, like Hemendra and Rani's, by sending a prayer warrior to their village.

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