This Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, also one of the Gurung people, ministers in the same area as Pastor Sirjan.

I thought it was a meaningless effort to broadcast this language.

Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Sirjan Bhattarai recently found out the Lord’s heart behind what seemed to be a purposeless ministry. This is his account of what the Lord showed him.

Sirjan’s Story
My name is Sirjan Bhattarai. I am the pastor of a Gospel for Asia-supported church in Nepal, and I am also ministering in the surrounding unreached villages.

In addition to my pastoral work, God has given me the great privilege of producing the Gurung language radio broadcast for GFA Radio. Before handling the responsibility as a producer and broadcaster for the Gurung language, I thought it was a meaningless effort to broadcast this language, considering the current state of Nepal.

I thought, “The Nepali language is the common language that everyone can communicate through in Nepal. Broadcasting in Gurung is a waste of time and money.” But honoring God and being obedient to my leaders who asked me to broadcast in this language, I began to work on the program.

Unexpected Findings
On August 1, I went to preach the Gospel in a remote village along with four other pastors. The village does not have any modern facilities—no electricity, hospitals or paved roads. No missionary had been there before.

The population of the village is 289, and 90 percent of the people are Gurungs.

We reached the village in the evening. At dawn, we began our ministry work. We divided into two groups to reach the most people. In the afternoon, my two friends came and told me there were some Gurungs who wanted to meet someone who could speak their language because they can only communicate in their own tongue.

I was really perplexed to hear this and went to meet them. I met a woman who was about 56 years old. When she saw me, she gathered 12 people together in her courtyard to listen to me. I began to speak in Gurung and tell them about Jesus Christ, His life and teachings. I spoke to them for 25 minutes and stopped to hear their reactions.

Wonderful Fruit
The woman told us something so wonderful. She told us that she had heard a GFA Radio program in the Gurung language. Once she was suffering from a headache. Her son was listening to the Gospel message on the radio. At the end of the message, the speaker told the listeners he was going to pray to God for their healing. After the prayer she had no headache.

When the woman and the other Gurung people came to know that I was the person who had delivered God’s message, they were very happy. Immediately, two women received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. There is now a small Christian fellowship in this village.

I thanked our gracious Lord Jesus Christ for His wonderful work, and I also asked His forgiveness for my lack of faith in Him. I realized why God wanted to use me to speak in my own mother tongue. I pray the Lord will use me as an instrument for sharing the Word of God through the GFA Radio program.

Please pray for my ministry to be effective and fruitful. Please pray for the people of this village, that the Lord will bring them into His Kingdom.