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Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Anirvan Subramanium lives in a mountainous part of South Asia. During the winter, temperatures drop below freezing and snow can reach depths of up to three feet.
In these conditions, ministering from house to house without warm clothing is not only uncomfortable but can also be harmful to missionaries' health.
Because he did not have warm clothing, Pastor Anirvan had to spend more of the winter by the fire and less of it ministering to his people. He wanted to be out sharing the Gospel, but it was impossible.
All of that changed after he received a winter clothing packet. Now Anirvan brings life to people even in the dead of winter! Winter clothing packets include a sweater and pants, along with socks and other necessities.
A couple winters ago, a GFA Radio listener asked if Pastor Anirvan could come visit him and his family. Because he had proper clothing, Pastor Anirvan was able to make the hour-long bus ride, followed by a three-hour-long uphill trek to the listener's home!
When he got there, Pastor Anirvan shared the Gospel with the listener, Ganaraj. After a few more visits, Ganaraj and his wife decided to follow Christ!
In addition to this, the Lord worked a miracle in Ganaraj's life. Ganaraj had been married three times, yet had no children. In his culture, childless couples face ridicule and scorn. He shared this burden with pastor Anirvan and asked him to pray.
And on Christmas Day, 2010, Ganaraj and his wife were blessed with the birth of a baby girl!
Had Pastor Anirvan not received a winter clothing packet, he would not have been able to make the long journey to Ganaraj's home. Warm clothing made this life transformation possible!
Something as simple as an inexpensive winter clothing packet makes missionaries more effective in winning lost hearts to Christ!
date posted 10/11/2011