Like Pastor Musuri, many GFA-supported missionaries are the first to bring Jesus’ love into remote tribal areas of Asia.

Although Musuri was already serving the Lord as a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, he had a dream: to reach out to the extremely isolated people group that lived near his home.

So one day, Musuri decided to make the trip into the forest and meet some of the people. What he found there broke his heart.

The forest men made their living hunting or fishing. Almost no one in their community had learned to read, and the few who received a little bit of education still lacked the opportunity to find a good job. This isolated group of people seemed trapped in their primitive way of life forever. And no one there knew Jesus. Musuri was filled with compassion seeing the physical and spiritual condition of the people.

During Pastor Musuri’s visit, many people came out to hear him. They were interested in hearing what Musuri said about Jesus, but they were timid in making the choice to follow Him.

As Musuri walked back home through the forest that night, he decided that with the Lord’s help, he would do everything he could to show these people how they could know God’s love for themselves.

And the Lord did help him. The next time Musuri returned, he met a family of five who were very strong in their religious beliefs, but they had a problem. The oldest son in the family, Ebi, was ill and had been sick for three long months. When Musuri shared that Jesus could both heal his sickness and save him eternally, Ebi decided right then that he wanted to follow this Jesus.

Musuri began praying for Ebi, and the Lord healed him that day. The rest of the family saw God’s healing power and chose to follow Him, too.

Now, Pastor Musuri says he is so grateful to the Lord for making his dream come true—he leads a small fellowship among the people in the forest. He requests prayer that many more people will come to know the Lord through His great works in their village.