A Request They Were Eager to Grant

Combine the hardship of the slums with the wildness of a jungle and you have one community’s daily reality.

Literally situated in the jungle, the slum dwellers regularly went without proper food, shelter and clothing, and they didn’t have enough money to send their children to school. So from young ages, the children worked in garages, found odd jobs in the jungle or stole things.

In the evening, they returned to homes full of smoking, drinking and fighting. No one knew any different—and that’s why a Gospel for Asia Sunday school team saw this slum as the perfect place for a Vacation Bible School program.

Every day, the team taught the children songs, games and—the most exciting part—Bible stories. The kids loved hearing what the teachers had to say about Jesus, and over the week, more than 35 children came for the lessons.

But the kids weren’t the only ones excited about the program.

On the last day, after the team said a final prayer over the children, the parents in the slum made a request: Rather than just sending the kids back to work, would the team members mind continuing their Bible lessons? After all the joy their kids had experienced this week, they didn’t want it to end.

The teachers were overjoyed to fulfill their request.

May 2013

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