Women’s Fellowships, like this one, tell women in their communities that Christ values them. In addition to widow outreaches, they gather for Bible studies and prayer meetings and organize literacy programs and vocational training.

After watching her sister experience the loss of her husband and an onslaught of physical ailments, Gospel for Asia Women’s Fellowship member Hasina Satapathy also got to see mourning turn to joy as her sister chose to follow Christ.

Hasina’s sister Yahvi is a 33-year-old widow living in one of South Asia’s big cities. Since her husband died, she has worked in the local hospital, trying to provide for herself and her son.

Life only got more difficult for Yahvi when she began suffering from recurrent headaches and fevers. The pain was so debilitating that it kept her home from work and even prevented Yahvi from carrying out day-to-day household chores.

When Hasina heard her Women’s Fellowship team was going to host a widow outreach on International Widows’ Day on June 23, she recognized the opportunity and invited her sister.

Yahvi traveled quite a distance to join her sister at the event. There they heard a GFA field leader give a message on God’s protection and provision for widows. Yahvi was encouraged by his words. After the message, the women gathered for prayer. Yahvi shared her burdens with the group, and they immediately began praying for her.

Yahvi was touched by the message and the women’s concern for her. In response, she gave her life to Christ! On her way home, she experienced the Lord’s healing from her headaches and fevers. She has returned to work and can continue caring for herself and her son.

Yahvi asks for prayer that she will continue to find her shelter and peace in the Lord Jesus and that she will remain steadfast in her faith.