Many people like Melbin find hope as GFA missionaries pray for them.

Melbin grew up watching his mother, a widow, struggling to provide for him and his two younger sisters. As he grew up, his quest to help her led him from job-hunting to alcohol to hope.

His culture in Tamil Nadu, India, normally saw older sons taking care of widows. But because Melbin, still a young child, was the oldest son, his mother had to work hard to keep the family together. As soon as Melbin reached his teens, he went to the big city in a neighboring state, seeking a job that would bring comfort to his mother.

However, Melbin soon realized that his small salary did little to help his family, and that his traditional gods did even less. He fell into depression. Although he was driven to save his mother from the poverty to which she had been condemned, he ended up in the same pit.

With a seemingly hopeless life ahead of him, Melbin turned to alcohol—until he met Gospel for Asia missionary Joseph Ravi. Melbin spilled out his family’s story of woes. As Joseph shared about Jesus, Melbin found comfort, and they prayed together.

But Joseph didn’t stop praying after he left Melbin. And the Lord began answering prayer. Melbin’s family found peace, and he realized that Jesus had answered prayer. Melbin received Christ.

Today, Melbin sees the Lord provide for his family in miraculous ways. He also brings them the message of Jesus’ love. Although he faces some opposition, he is determined to cling to Christ, who rescued his family.