Temple priests adhere closely to the established traditions of their village. The temple priest pictured here lives in the central part of India.

Listening to the missionaries pray, Gandharu Sahu felt a range of emotions.

As a temple priest in his village in Uttar Pradesh, India, Gandharu adhered closely to the established traditions and was devoted to that way of life. So when Gospel for Asia film team members Ravinder Singh and Parkash Sirvastava visited his village late last year to show a movie on the life of Jesus, he drove them away with stern protests.

Now some months had passed. Even knowing they could face Gandharu’s wrath, the missionaries bravely returned.

This time, things were different. Gandharu did not protest the showing; he actually came out to watch the film himself! A large crowd from the village joined him.

When the movie was over, the two missionaries prayed for audience members. Amazed at the release he felt in his heart as they prayed, Gandharu knew he had to tell everyone. Walking forward, he addressed the crowd.

I was suffering with a lot of pain and tension and was under the bondage of darkness for many years, but when these brothers prayed, I felt great peace and joy filling my heart. And now I’m a freed man,” the priest said.

The next Sunday, Gandharu visited the local church and testified of how God was working in his life. He walked away from his duties as temple priest and gave his heart to Christ.

Today Gandharu is eternally glad for two missionaries who refused to give up.

GFA leaders ask for your prayers that Gandharu will grow daily in Christ and that he will be a willing instrument God can use to share His love in the village. Pray, too, for continued boldness for Ravinder and Parkash as they reach out in Jesus’ name through film.