The four men traveled to this hilltop (center) to pray for the villages.

This entrance leads to one of the seven villages the believers prayed for.

The people of this region are trapped in spiritual darkness.

As night fell, Rajiv, Thomas, Bhuvan and Madhukar trekked through the mountains. Rain poured, lightning flashed and thunder roared, but they continued onward. The four believers arrived at a hilltop and looked out over the seven villages they had come to pray for.

According to local legend, a village priest had once come to this hill to pray to his gods. As he was praying, so the story goes, water gushed out of the land for the people to drink.

Rajiv, Thomas, Bhuvan and Madhukar had come to pray for living water for the people. The villages are in bondage to demonic power; suicide plagues the region.

They prayed through the night. The hours of fervent intercession stirred them to an even more passionate desire to reach the people. Two of the men are recent Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college graduates; the other two are believers from their church.

The believers ask for prayer that the Lord will use them effectively—for the two graduates as missionaries and for the other two in their secular occupations—so new ministries can be started in each of the seven villages. They also ask that the Lord will meet all their needs as they continue to share the Gospel with those around them.