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For years, the people in this village had to rely on one badly designed well for all their water. Unfortunately, it rarely produced enough water to even meet their most basic needs. So it was a truly historic day—one which every resident of this village will always remember—when a new Jesus Well was drilled. The whole village—from the youngest to the oldest—turned out for the well dedication on January 31. The missionary thanked God for the provision of the well and prayed it will produce clean, clear water for many years. He also prayed that the well will help people understand about the Living Water of Jesus Christ. In this photo, a grateful local government official who attended the dedication is shown with the missionary. After the prayer, it was time to cut the ribbon and officially dedicate the well. The people busted out with cheers when they saw the first bucket of pure, clean water flow from their new well. This man was also honored at the well dedication ceremony. He donated the land on which the well is built and is now a hero of sorts to his fellow villagers. These people will look back on this day for years to come as they drink the clean, refreshing water from this well. And each time they draw a bucket of water, they'll be reminded that Jesus is drawing them to Himself.
date posted 08/09/2011

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