The stranger trekked several hours across mountainous terrain to get to this destitute Nepali village, but there was something wrong. When he got there he saw men, women and children all around him trembling, shaking so badly they couldn't hold on to simple objects. Many of them couldn't even eat properly. What strange curse had come over this town? And who could break it?

July 2012

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Villager Lives the High Life

Curse or no curse, Tarakesh was living the good life. He had a large family, steady employment and respect from the entire community. Although he was a simple man with no education, the people looked up to him and admired him. When people needed help, they came to Tarakesh.

The village where Tarakesh lived was as isolated as isolated can be. They didn't use automobiles or bikes, preferring yaks and mules for modes of transportation. There were no roads in Tarakesh's village, not much of anything really—not even a good source for water.

Unexplained Illness Plagues the Village

Then residents of Tarakesh's village started falling ill. One by one, people were suffering from strange symptoms. The nearest hospital was a six hour journey over rough terrain, so the villagers opted for a convenient source for their medical care. Many went to Tarakesh.

But Tarakesh was no doctor, not in the traditional sense. He was a witch doctor—one of many in his village. And for a fee, he could perform a variety of rituals, chants and sacrifices to appease the gods and bring healing to the suffering.

The results spoke for themselves. Nine members of Tarakesh's own family were sick and not getting any better.

Visitor Makes a Surprising Guarantee

Then one day, Tarakesh heard a knock on his door. His suspicions immediately arose when he saw someone standing there he had never met before. Strangers didn't come around this remote village very often.

The man introduced himself as Hanshal. He had come a long distance and had seen many of those suffering in the village. He told Tarakesh that he knew someone who could help.

Tarakesh dismissed the strange man's claims immediately. There wasn't room for another healer in this town. The profitable business had earned him respect, not to mention a steady income. Plus, he believed that no one could really heal the people of his village.

But Hanshal persisted. He promised Tarakesh that he knew someone who could help. Finally, Tarakesh humored the man and let him meet his family. What could be the harm? Hanshal saw the nine family members, so sick they couldn't eat, shaking so terribly they couldn't even hold a simple object.

Tarakesh, meanwhile, waited for the miracle man to do his work.

Hanshal Gets His Chance

Hanshal then started to pray for the family in the name of Jesus. Tarakesh wondered who this Jesus was, but very quickly received an answer. He watched in amazement as all nine of his family members stopped shaking. They were healed immediately!

The veteran witch doctor had never seen anything like it. The whole family was overcome with joy. They wanted to hear everything they could about this Jesus. Hanshal explained the Good News to them, and Tarakesh happily soaked up his words. He immediately turned in his spells for the love of Jesus.

A Village Comes to Know of the Living God

Thanks to the Lord's work, 29 people attend the church in this village, which up until recently had never even heard the name Jesus. Many of these churchgoers have been freed from demon possession and other medical ailments and now embrace the love of Jesus Christ.

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