Teams of missionaries show a film on the life of Jesus all over South Asia. As a result, many people come to believe in Christ.

A drunken man wandered into a village where Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries were showing a film about Jesus. By the end of the night, the man, Shiva, had sobered up and found a new way of life.

Shiva joined the crowd who gathered to watch the movie about the life of Jesus. The Gospel for Asia-supported film team took time to explain the message of God’s love and the free offer of salvation to the crowd. Later that night, they offered to pray for those who came to see the movie. That’s when Shiva spoke up.

Shiva confessed his sins and openly shared his life testimony to the missionaries that night as God touched his heart. Not only that, but he also decided to give up his addiction to alcohol. The next day, when the temptation to drink again was very strong, a few Christians visited his home and encouraged him through prayer and reading the Bible.

Shiva would appreciate prayers that he will not fall back into his old habit, which brought him only sorrow. Also, please keep his family in your prayers.