Guna and Devansh came to know the Lord after witnessing the examples set by their family members.

This sort of lifestyle caught Devansh off guard; he was astonished yet perplexed by her devotion.

After witnessing the strong devotion others have for Jesus, many people have come to know firsthand the amazing grace and love found in Christ.

Experiencing a God who Changes Everything
Shaunak Gupta heard about Jesus Christ when he was just a boy, but the seeds of faith didn’t take root in his heart until he was grown and married.

After witnessing a miraculous healing upon his mother, Shaunak finally started to understand Christ. When he experienced healing for himself, after a developing pain in his leg suddenly vanished, Shaunak knew the God he heard about as a child was truly the real God. He decided then to commit his life to live for Christ.

His wife, Guna, grew up in the traditional faith and had never even heard about Christ. Jesus was foreign to her. But as she watched her husband pour over Scripture and draw closer to God in his prayer life, things started to change in their family—and Guna took notice.

Soon, the values and teachings of the Christian faith became deeply embedded within her. She found herself praying to Jesus and was surprised to see herself changing.

There was complete peace and serenity in my family,” she said. “Only the true living God could bring about these changes.”

Witnessing the Lord’s provision and the way He kept their family healthy and away from harm helped solidify Guna’s faith in Christ. She and Shaunak helped cultivate the faith within their own children, and they, too, are now active members in a local Gospel for Asia-supported missionary’s church.

A Perplexing Devotion
In a similar way, Devansh Singh watched as his son’s wife, Sadaf, faithfully prayed to Jesus Christ. He wasn’t a believer and would only pray to his gods and goddesses during certain months out of the year. But Sadaf prayed for everything. It didn’t matter what time of year it was, Sadaf constantly sought the face of her God.

This sort of lifestyle caught Devansh off guard; he was astonished yet perplexed by her devotion. Soon, her love for Christ began to rub off on her father-in-law, and he slowly began praying to Jesus.

After noticing how the Lord answered his prayers, Devansh set his faith completely on Christ and began a new chapter in his life.

Through his newly found relationship with Jesus, more family members began to surrender their lives to Christ. Now, he, Sadaf and the rest of their family worship the Lord in the local GFA-supported church.

Leading by Example
Living in a culture resistant to the Good News of Christ can make it difficult for missionaries to be effective in sharing the love of Christ. But, just like in the life of Shaunak and Sadaf, one of the greatest ways to reach people comes when believers live out their faith.