Ganika struggled with asthma, which depressed her to the point that she thought she would die.

Asthma disrupted Ganika’s life. For seven years, she had to deal with the wheezing and breathlessness. No amount of medication or spiritual rituals could eliminate the suffering.

She prayed to her gods and goddesses, hoping for a cure that never came. Ganika changed from being a happy person to thinking her sickness would surely kill her.

Even though she was of a different religion, Ganika visited a Christian church where Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Nirmalya Gavde serves. After she shared the agony she was experiencing, he explained to her the miracles Jesus Christ did and told her he could pray for God to heal her of her asthma too.

After Pastor Nirmalya prayed for her, she felt a strange sensation in her body. In a few days, she realized her asthma was completely gone.

With a heart full of gratitude over her healing, Ganika began regularly attending Sunday worship services at Nirmalya’s church, where she experiences close fellowship with her Savior.

But now Ganika faces another problem: Her family opposes her new faith in Christ, despite witnessing the miracle of her healing.

They threaten her, but Ganika continues to stand strong. Her husband, on the other hand, has come to understand the truth of Christ through Ganika’s faithfulness, love and prayers. He has seen the dramatic change in her since coming to Christ, and he now worships alongside his wife. They both play an active role in their church and proclaim Jesus’ name wherever possible.