About 2,000 families in Sri Lanka have no shelter.

As the floodwaters rise, more and more believers have to walk away from all they own to save their lives.

Many believers have nowhere to go as even their church buildings are flooded and can’t be used for shelter.

In reports that only get worse and worse, stories of loss due to Sri Lanka’s floodwaters abound. Homes are collapsing, leaving families without shelter or any of their basic possessions. But more immediately, people in widespread areas are desperate for food and clean water.

Among those suffering is a large group of believers from Gospel for Asia-supported churches. GFA’s correspondent in Sri Lanka reports that there is extreme misery. Crops, which provide sustenance for these believers, are damaged; day laborers also cannot work to earn money for food, which is being sold at inflated prices and is largely unavailable due to blocked roads. In that situation, people who lose their homes have little hope of getting supplies to fix the damage.

Many of our believers’ houses have collapsed in these flooded areas,” wrote GFA’s correspondent, “and most whose homes have not collapsed can’t live in their houses because of the damage.”

Gospel for Asia Compassion Services in Sri Lanka has been active in bringing aid to the flood victims. But the excessive, prolonged flooding is stretching the resources for this desperately needy body of believers.

My friend, imagine if, in one day, you lost your house, your crops and your ability to earn money. This is the reality that our brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka are facing right now,” said GFA president K.P. Yohannan. “I’m asking you to take a moment to pray for these fellow Christians as if you were there. Your prayers will make a difference for the suffering believers.”