Kirit was healed after some Christian pastors like this one prayed for him.

Kirit Gavde was miserable. For six years, he had been suffering from the debilitating effects of tuberculosis. His anguish was compounded by asthma, and he was barely able to breathe. Kirit spent most of his time confined to bed, being cared for by his faithful wife.

He went to a lot of doctors, but all their treatments failed to help him. Kirit’s family was deeply devoted to their traditional gods. They fervently worshiped them and continued to plead for Kirit’s healing, but to no avail.

Kirit’s health continued to decline, and he had no peace in his heart. He grew even more depressed and lonely and gave up all hope for healing. Grief and despair overwhelmed him.

But Tuhin Pawar, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, had learned of Kirit’s condition and was praying for him. One day, he visited Kirit and told him about a special event at his church. The program would include prayer for the sick, along with a message from a guest speaker.

Without hesitation, Kirit came to the program. As the pastors shared the Good News of Jesus and prayed for the ailing man, the Lord began to work in his heart—and his body.

In answer to prayer, the Lord reached down and healed Kirit completely. Kirit was overjoyed and thankful to God and His people—more than he could express.

And the next day, when Kirit arrived back at the prayer meeting in normal physical condition, people needed no further proof that he was indeed healed.

He can now walk, go to the market and perform normal household chores—things he was unable to do with his debilitating illness.

His healing story brought tremendous joy and happiness to his life, family and neighbors,” relates a GFA correspondent. “Praise the Lord!”

But not all Kirit’s neighbors were happy. One neighbor criticized Kirit, accusing him of attending the Christian program in order to obtain healing. This man fears that Kirit’s healing might lead him to follow this new faith.

Only I know my diseases and the amount I have suffered from them. You know nothing about how much I have suffered from my diseases,” Kirit told him. “I went there only to be healed by the Christian God.”

While Kirit had not yet received Christ as of this report, he did see God’s power at work and clearly heard the Gospel. He said he would decide about it very soon.

Tuhin asks for prayer for Kirit to be drawn to salvation in Jesus. Also pray for the skeptical neighbor, who has shown great hostility towards any Christian work.