This is the GFA-supported church Chahna and Aabha attend, which experienced some minor flooding.

Chahna, a 50-year-old widow, ran for shelter as a low depression in a nearby river caused water levels to rise and submerge houses. Chahna’s mud hut was no match for the rising river and was washed away on June 16.

The waters also destroyed Aabha’s home. Both Chahna and Aabha are believers who worship in a local Gospel for Asia-supported church.

When the congregation heard about the disaster that befell their fellow sisters in Christ, the believers joined together to raise funds to repair their homes. In two months, the believers had fully restored Chahna’s house, and she now has a place to call home once again.

Aabha traveled to a nearby village where her family found work. Repairs on her house will begin as soon as she returns.

Generosity toward widows is uncommon in South Asia. When believers show this kind of love and compassion when others typically shun a widow, it can awaken the rest of society to see the loving nature of God and present more opportunities to share the Gospel.

Pray the Lord uses this outpouring of love to bring others into His saving grace. Pray also for the believers there to continue shining the light of Christ’s love.