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Believers in a northeastern state of India known to be hardened toward Christianity have a lot to be thankful for as they witness prayers being answered! Bible college students rejoiced as they received 10 new bicycles from the Gospel for Asia Christmas Gift Catalog. The students will use the bicycles when they go into the community on weekends to share Christ and His love with the people.
The church in this area is thankful God allowed them to release an adult literacy book called A New Beginning. Illiteracy is widespread in this state. According to Operation World, there are few printed resources in local languages. But now the people have their very own book to help them learn how to read and write.
A local government official who spoke at the book dedication ceremony thanked the church's efforts to provide literacy training and reach out to the people with God's love.
In a state known to be the poorest in the country and, according to Operation World, considered a byword for deprivation and misery, a Bridge of Hope has sprung up. The state opened its 10th center, giving children and parents a reason to trust in a better future.
Another Bridge of Hope center had its grand opening, too. The dedication was a special time to show how the center will nourish children physically, mentally and spiritually through medical checkups, meals, education and learning about Jesus—their Savior. The children who will attend the center celebrated by performing dances.
date posted 04/15/2011