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A principal recently walked into a Gospel For Asia field office requesting BioSand water filters for his school. The distressed man was concerned for his students. The only water sources available to them were contaminated, so the students frequently fell sick and missed class.
The principal had been searching for a solution a long time when he heard about the filters. Gospel for Asia responded to his plea by donating two water filters to his school!
These simple BioSand water filters purify water with only rocks and sand, so they work well even in rural areas without electricity.
The students and staff—these teachers included—were overjoyed to have clean, drinkable water.
After alleviating the thirst for clean water, GFA workers addressed the spiritual hunger of the school. The GFA-supported missionaries shared the story of Jesus Christ.
After listening enthusiastically to the Good News, the students stuck out eager hands to receive Gospel literature.
The teachers even helped distribute New Testaments and Gospel tracts!
Everyone seemed thankful to receive the Bibles. Later that day they took the Word home with them.
Four hundred and forty students and 16 faculty members heard the Gospel that day.
"Through GFA we could see and feel the love of Jesus Christ!" one faculty member exclaimed. The GFA-supported missionaries request prayer that the BioSand water filter ministry would open even more doors for the Gospel in schools, colleges, hospitals and orphanages.
date posted 09/20/2011

Share a cup of water with a person in Asia in Jesus name!