Showing a film about Jesus can introduce people to the One who died for them, who has the power to save.

Sumitra and Salma are just two of the many people whose hearts have been captivated by the story of Jesus portrayed on film.

In the bustling capital of India’s movie industry—known as Bollywood—the showing of a simple film still attracts many people. Those living in slums often have great interest in seeing a movie about Jesus’ life. Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Sahil and his team showed the film in one slum and witnessed miraculous fruit.

As Sahil and the other missionaries prepared to screen the movie, anticipation rose when many people gathered to watch. As the people watched, the events of the film mesmerized them. The crucifixion scene moved them to tears.

Through seeing the film, the audience came to learn about Jesus’ purpose for coming to earth—the miracles He performed and His death on the cross for the world’s redemption.

But these revelations were not only momentary thoughts; people began to believe Jesus might have the power to touch their lives. After the movie ended, two women approached the film team, seeking God’s healing.

The first woman, Sumitra, asked the team to pray for her daughter. For 18 days, the girl suffered from a severe breathing problem. Sahil earnestly prayed for Sumitra’s daughter, and God completely healed her. Amazingly, Sumitra’s entire family ended up choosing to follow Jesus.

Following Sumitra’s conversation with Sahil and the other missionaries, another lady, Salma, approached them. She asked the missionaries to pray for her husband, who had an alcohol addiction.

Sumitra’s and Salma’s courage in approaching the film team illustrates how the film about Jesus often whets many people’s thirst for the Lord to work in their lives.

Sahil has requested prayer for both women and their families.