UPDATE: 04/26/2011

Thank you for praying for Brojen and his family. Brojen died on April 11 and his family conducted a funeral service for him on April 12. He was 23 years old. Please pray for God’s peace and comfort on Brojen’s wife, Ailia. They had only been married one year when he died.

First update: from 03/31/2011

Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Brojen Matthew is seriously ill from a brain tumor.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Brojen Matthew is struggling to recover from surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Brojen was hospitalized in February and had a series of operations to remove the tumor. He seemed to be recovering well, so the doctors sent him home from the hospital. But after a few days at home, he became violently ill again and was readmitted to the hospital.

The doctors told Brojen’s family they have done all they can for him and sent him back home.

Brojen, who is only 23 years old, is paralyzed and unresponsive. He cannot walk, talk or eat on his own. Brojen serves as a national missionary in an area where the majority of the people follow the Sikh religion. He is pastor of a church with about 30 passionate believers who are very committed to helping him tell others about Jesus and His love.

Brojen and his wife, Ailia, have only been married a short while.

This young missionary came to know the Lord when he was in college. At that time, he was also very sick, so his parents sought the prayers of a Christian minister. As a result of those prayers, Brojen was healed. His entire family chose to follow Christ after witnessing this miracle. He then answered the Lord’s call and, with his family’s blessing, completed the program at a Gospel for Asia-supported Bible college and went on to serve the Lord in his home state.

Those same family members are deeply grieved and feel helpless and hopeless about the situation. They are trusting God for Brojen’s life. They ask you to join them as they pray for a healing touch on his body. They are also seeking prayer that they will stand firm in their faith during this difficult time.