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Bridge of Hope students in Nepal gathered outside, waiting for an exciting day. For most of them, this will be the first time they've visited a doctor for a medical exam.
While the kids gather outside, the medical team is putting together the last few details inside. This team traveled from Singapore to help out.
The children and their parents crowded around the windows trying to see what was going on inside the building as they waited.
The medical team kicked off the event with a lesson in dental hygiene. The children were very eager to learn.
All the children received toothbrushes and toothpaste. Most of these kids had never seen a toothbrush before.
The team used a large-scale model of human teeth and a toothbrush to demonstrate tooth-brushing to the children. The children listened intently and followed as they were taught.
Then it was on to medical examinations. The first station was a simple eye exam. Because most of the children couldn't read, the eye chart had shapes instead of letters.
At the next station, it was time for the physical exam.
The doctors checked the children's throats and ears.
And then there was the cold stethoscope on their backs and tummies to check their internal organs.
In some cases, the doctors prescribed medications to treat the kids, and one of the doctors administered them as needed.
The Bridge of Hope staff was on hand at each station to help the doctors with translation.
It was an exciting day for these Bridge of Hope kids. By the end of it, the students were all smiles!
date posted 02/19/2010