Anti-Christian opposition burned down Lokesh’s shop in protest of his decision to follow Jesus.

Church buildings—and their windows—are often targets of anti-Christian attacks.

Believers in South Asia continue to live with the hardship that comes from anti-Christian opposition. As believers, they expect to be persecuted for their beliefs. Yet in the midst of abuse and mistreatment, they stand strong in their Savior. Here are a few recent incidents in which Christians suffered for the sake of Christ.

Believer’s Shop Burned Down
For many years, long-time believer Lokesh endured his neighbors’ verbal attacks on his faith. He has also been harshly warned to leave his town. Yet the biggest trial of Lokesh’s faith is the one he is experiencing right now.

A few months ago, anti-Christians burned down Lokesh’s shop. In addition to losing most of his possessions, he also lost his source of income. He is very discouraged and is struggling to see God’s goodness in this situation. Lokesh needs prayer that the Lord will comfort him and sustain both his spiritual needs and his physical needs while he rebuilds what was destroyed.

Church Building Damaged
Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Divyesh Chudasama shepherds a fellowship of 78 believers in South Asia. One Saturday, an intoxicated man came to his church building and hurled rocks at the windows, shattering them. During worship service the next day, the angry man came back to break down the doors of the church. However, seeing the people inside, he left. Although Pastor Divyesh filed a police report for the vandalism of the windows, the police have yet to take any action. The church committee spoke with the man and he has agreed to pay for the repair of the windows. Pray the Lord will give grace to Divyesh and his congregation so they can be God’s light to this perturbed man.

A Hostile Interruption
Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Sudhir Ruchi and his fellowship of believers were worshiping the Lord together one Sunday when a group of anti-Christians stormed into the church, shut down the service and demanded that Pastor Sudhir stop preaching the Good News. The whole body of believers stood with their pastor in declaring to the opposition,”We will never stop worshiping Jesus Christ.” The hostile mob left, and the service resumed. Please pray the Lord will change the hearts of these anti-Christian men so they can see truth and embrace the love of Christ.

Drunkards Prevent Film Showing
Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Abhishek, GFA film team member Deendayal and a few other believers from their church were nearing the end of their long, uphill hike to the village where they were going to show the Jesus film, Man of Mercy, when they heard boisterous shouting. Coming toward them from the village, two inebriated men yelled out anti-Christian slurs. The drunkards are brothers of one of the few believers in the village, and they did not want to see any more villagers believe in Christ. They told Pastor Abhishek not to show the Jesus film and threatened him with violence if he did not comply. The believers prayed together for some time and decided to leave the village.

Pastor Abhishek praises the Lord that none from his group were harmed by the opposition. In fact, this trial has made them more determined to serve the Lord.

Pray the Lord will bring good out of all these hostile situations. Ask the Lord to give these brothers and sisters His strength to endure and His grace to show love to all who stand against them.