Visiting people in the hospital is one way Women’s Fellowship groups show Jesus’ love to their community.

Since 1988, when the first AIDS case appeared in Nepal, the disease has spread to an estimated 70,000 people*. With relatively little understanding of the disease, those suffering with AIDS face severe discrimination.

Although they can’t reach all 70,000 AIDS patients, one Gospel for Asia Women’s Fellowship group in Nepal spent a day reaching out to those in their area. Their efforts filled an empty place in the hearts of these people valued by the Lord.

With permission from hospital staff, the Women’s Fellowship group visited each patient in a facility established specifically for treating AIDS. The women spent time with each person, listening to their stories and encouraging them with God’s love. They gave out New Testaments and Gospel tracts along with a gift of fresh fruit for them to enjoy.

The patients’ gratitude was heartfelt. The fact that someone cared enough to visit them meant a lot, and many were enthusiastic to learn more about the Lord.

The Women’s Fellowship members request prayer that the Lord will heal each person and help them to understand His love.

*UNAIDS and National Estimate, 2010