The expressions on recipients’ faces revealed their thankfulness for the blankets.

This elderly couple sleeping beside the road received a blanket.

This man pedaled furiously to catch up with the believers and get a blanket.

During winter in India’s capital, New Delhi, temperatures can dive to surprisingly low points—below 40 degrees Fahrenheit—and these freezing temperatures cause many problems. At least three people in New Delhi have died due to cold-related problems since December 26.

The chilling weather proves especially dangerous to Delhi’s large homeless population, which a local newspaper numbered to be between 67,000 and 150,000 people.

Around Christmastime, believers in Gospel for Asia-supported congregations decided to offer warmth to this particularly vulnerable group of people. The Women’s Fellowship team bought 40 blankets, and the believers ventured out after 10 p.m. to distribute the coverings to people sleeping along the bitter-cold streets.

When they came upon someone sleeping outside, they covered them with a blanket and walked away. If people woke up, they wished them a merry Christmas in Hindi and said, “Jesus loves you and cares for you; that is why we are giving this blanket to you.”

The smiles and joy written on the recipients’ faces were enough to express their gratitude— even if they didn’t say a word to those handing them out.

The believers who helped with this project felt heartbroken as they saw many people who had only thin plastic sheets or sacks to cover themselves.

Forty blankets weren’t sufficient; there are still families and individuals who sleep without warm clothes,” wrote a GFA correspondent in the area.

After the team left one site where they distributed blankets, a physically challenged man riding a bicycle followed them for approximately one kilometer (0.62 miles), pedaling hard. He eventually caught up with them to get a blanket!