Parveen and Helli were riding a bus to a nearby town for a Women’s Fellowship event when the accident happened.

Pastor Bhushan Kour, who took Parveen and Helli to the hospital after the accident.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries Parveen Mehra and Helli Verma endured a harrowing experience as they traveled by bus to a Women’s Fellowship meeting.

During the journey, the bus, which carried 20-30 passengers, lost its balance and fell into a trench. Thankfully, no one experienced major injuries, although some received minor abrasions or scratches.

When he heard news of the accident, Pastor Bhushan Kour, who leads the ministry in the area, traveled to the site of the accident and took both Parveen and Helli to the hospital.

At the hospital, doctors and nurses observed them and treated their injuries. Parveen came out of the accident with a few scratches, and Helli had some minor pain in her ribs.

The GFA-supported pastors in this region praise God for keeping their sisters safe and preventing a worse accident from occurring. Please pray God continues to use Parveen and Helli effectively to share His love with those who have not heard the Good News.