Vatsala found hope for her child after hearing a Women’s Fellowship team speak about Jesus.

Vatsala Shah listened as women from a Gospel for Asia-supported fellowship spoke about Jesus Christ. Learning about the love He had for His people, the miracles He performed and the people He healed made Vatsala wonder if she and her family could also be included.

Can your Jesus heal my daughter?” Vatsala asked. She wanted to believe there was still a chance for her little girl to live a normal life.

Our God is powerful,” the women said. “He can do anything beyond our expectation.”

A hope sprang within Vatsala. She brought the team of women back to her house to pray for her little girl. Divya was only three years old, but an unknown illness prevented her from growing like a normal child. She was born premature, and the doctors said she only had from a few months to a year to live. Three years had since passed but with no improvements to Divya’s health.

She wasn’t able to sit up or do things on her own—she didn’t even know her name. All she could eat was milk. Compassion overwhelmed the women as they saw the condition of Vatsala’s daughter. They began praying for Divya and afterward invited Vatsala to come to church.

Vatsala didn’t hesitate. She started attending the church services every week and even went to the Women’s Fellowship meetings with her little girl.

Although there wasn’t a sudden, significant change in Divya’s health, little by little she began to improve. She started to eat rice and chapatti bread, and now when someone calls her name, she responds with a smile.

Seeing the gradual change in her daughter, Vatsala has come to know the salvation of the Lord. She asks for continued prayers for her daughter’s complete healing, and also that her husband will come to know Jesus as his personal Savior.