These prisoners are reading Gospel literature for probably the first time.

Pastor Anek and his team of Bible college students had been praying long and hard for the opportunity to share Christ’s love at the jail in their area. God answered their prayer when, at long last, local authorities gladly extended an invitation for the Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries to visit.

On the day of the event, 1,200 prisoners and their superintendents filled the conference hall. Although Pastor Anek and his team weren’t permitted to speak directly from God’s Word, they effectively communicated the Gospel through skits, traditional dances and Bible stories. The event also incorporated food and games.

The prisoners and guards were captivated throughout the entire message; there was no disturbance of any kind, and everyone stayed until the end. The presence of the Lord was evident.

The jail superintendents thanked the team when the day was done, and Pastor Anek is now even more eager to bring Christ’s love to the prisoners.

Pastor Anek asks for prayer for more opportunities to reach out to the prisoners and for the Lord to work in their hearts so they can be saved.