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Rains that caused the massive flooding in Sri Lanka have finally stopped, and now everyone is surveying the destruction.
In some places, the water has receded enough for residents to return to their villages. This brings them face-to-face with their damaged homes.
Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries and Compassion Services teams went to the villages to meet the needs of survivors. One of the first things they did was cook meals for survivors.
For seven days straight, missionaries and volunteers chopped and prepared curry.
They made massive pots of rice and dhal (lentil beans) . . .
and bread—loaves and loaves of bread.
They cooked the meals in makeshift kitchens wherever they could find a dry spot.
Then they took the food out to the people, including those staying in relief camps.
Other volunteers packaged up meals to distribute in the villages.
This woman, who was back in her washed-out home, was thankful to receive the meal packet.
This man received his meal in a relief camp where he is staying.
Spending time in the damaged villages also helped the missionaries get to know the people better. They also determined who was most in need of long-term help.
After surveying the destruction, the teams know they have much hard work ahead. But they will gladly do it in order to be Jesus' hands and feet to these hurting people.
date posted 01/25/2011

You can help rebuild these villages by donating to GFA Flood Relief.