Many people in Asia experience the Lord’s deliverance when a missionary prays for them.

Mrs. Juni worked hard taking care of cows, trying to make a living to provide for her
family—and to feed her own alcohol and smoking habits. But when a severe sickness left her extremely weak, she could no longer keep up her laborious job.

At the same time, evil spirits began attacking Juni with full force. They took control of her behavior, causing her to act like she had mental problems. Her situation became more critical when the evil spirits made her crazily run into the jungle, twice attempting suicide.

Knowing this woman was helpless against the demonic attacks, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary in the village offered to help. Pastor Muhara invited Juni to his home so he could pray for her. Then he gathered all the Christians in the village to fast and pray, asking the Lord to deliver Juni.

When Juni arrived, Pastor Muhara shared God’s promises with her. He told her the Lord had power to deliver her, and He was the one true God. Then he and the believers prayed.

That very hour, the demonic attacks ended.

This is the medicine I was thinking to give you,” said Pastor Muhara, speaking of the miracle God had done.

Juni came to know the Lord through this miracle in her life. As the other Christians continued praying for her, she was also completely healed from the lingering effects of her sickness. The changes in her life were not only physical. She also left her destructive habits and chose to follow the Lord in all areas of her life.

She has become a godly woman and has a happy life,” wrote GFA’s correspondent.