Alina’s was once an embarrassment to her family. Now she is a bold witness for Jesus.

People in the village constantly mocked Anila Bramik and her family.

The 26-year-old woman was raised in the same atmosphere as everyone else in her village. Her parents, hardworking farmers, taught her the precepts of their faith early in life, and she participated in all of the village’s religious customs. Everything seemed to be good in their life, until that one day when something went terribly wrong.

Anila began to act like a mad woman. She would throw off her sari and run naked through the village. She was a completely different person.

I would abuse others and my parents with vulgar words, and I turned violent,” Anila recalls.

Her parents, horrified at their daughter’s actions, dragged her home and tried to put her clothes back on. They did this over and over. But their daughter suddenly became stronger than she was before. She would break free and run out into the village again. Rather than sympathize with the family, their fellow villagers made fun of the situation and openly laughed at Anila, ignoring the pain of her family.

Her mother and father turned to desperate measures to control her.

My family members would bind me with a chain and put me in a dark room,” Anila remembers.

That didn’t work either. Anila broke free of the chain, removed her clothes and began running around again.

Her parents turned to their faith, hoping one of the gods they worshiped could heal their daughter. They offered sacrifices at the altars, but instead of finding relief, Alina became more of a nuisance to the village and embarrassment to her family.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Buchi Shah was working in the area and had compassion on this family. While the rest of the village mocked and shunned the family, Buchi reached out to them, offering to pray for their daughter. He also told them about the love of Jesus, which has the power to heal and restore. As a result of Buchi’s love and concern, Alina’s parents chose to follow Christ. Alina’s mother, Joni, then devoted her life to praying and fasting for her daughter.

Other Christians in the district were also praying for Alina, and soon, the erratic behaviour stopped. Alina was set free, and she, too, gave her heart to Christ.

Alina was consumed by God’s love from the very first day. She delved into the Scriptures and developed a deep, devoted relationship with Christ. Her new life was marked by passionate prayer and an outspokenness regarding how Jesus changed her. She diligently prayed God would help her know Him more.

I developed an intimate relationship with the Lord through my daily devotions. As the days went by, the Lord placed a burden in my heart for the lost to be saved,” she explained. “When I sought the Almighty, He confirmed me of my calling for the ministry, and I enrolled in a Bible School to be well-prepared for the harvest ahead.”

Alina graduated from Bible college and is now serving the Lord full time in her home state. Today, Anila is sharing God’s love with other women in the same area where she grew up. Some of these women know Anila’s history and have witnessed her transform from a mad woman who embarrassed her family into a beautiful servant of the Most Holy God.